Sunday, 5 May 2019 from 09:00-17:00

An unknown virus has broken out near the village of Tresillian causing the dead to raise from the graves, sounds like a miracle that your lost loved ones have come back to you, but it’s not a miracle when you go to give them a big cuddle, and in reply, they give you a big bite causing you to turn into what the government call “the risen”.

It’s been 1 week since the first riser arrived and created hell on earth, the police and the local authorities have lost all control and power causing the surviving population to arm and defend themselves, there is even talk about an organisation being created within some of the armed rebels calling themselves the “Human Defence Force. They are defending the local population, from the walkers and rouge people but also think that the government have given up on them. The government are still in effect for now, but are losing the fight, they are about to send the first wave of soldiers and scientists to the scene of the first Risers at Thunder park Village down in Cornwall, population was just over half a million people, now it’s just over a couple thousand, most of who have gone up country to get away from all this mess to the “safe zones” that was put in place, we have heard that most safe zones are holding out well, but some have been overrun now.

The government have just sent the first wave of armed forces made up from NATO to help 2 scientist to try to figure out what happened, and to see if there is a cure there, but the local population who remain there don’t want these soldiers here and think that they are here to kill them. So the local people decide to hunker down and defend their homes from the armed forces and risers.

Game fee for this game is £25
Zombies get free entry and free lunch.
Ammo Limits- Rifles, 1 high cap or 3 mid-caps (300-350 BBs) Pistols 3 mags, shotgun 10 shells/mags, Revolvers 30 shells, 2 pyros per player, per game.
Lives- Each player has 4 lives per game, 1 life loss for a hit by a BB,1 for a pyro and 2 for a zombie attack. Once all 4 lives have gone, player becomes a zombie for that game. After game has ended, players will get 4 new lives. Each player will have a band to put on when or if they turn into a zombie, weapons should be put down or holstered on the body to free up the hands.
Medic Rules- Each team will have a certain amount of medics (depending on numbers of players) 1 minute re-spawn time. Medic revive time=10 seconds (2 hands on chest).
Zombie lives and rules- Each zombie takes 3 gun shots to die, (Rifles, snipers cannot kill or stun the zombies, 5.56/7.62 rounds) pistols, shotgun, revolvers and melee weapons can kill zombies. 3 gun shots and 3 melee hits to a kill a zombies. Zombies can grab players, 1 grab = 2 player lives. Chest shots can only kill zombies (no head-shots please) 5 zombies to start with. Zombies walk until they either get shot at, or until they get within 10m of their target, at this point they can run. Zombies should try to kill players from both teams.
We are open to any and all ideas to make this event the best!

Gates open 9am, Chrono opens 9am, Safety Brief 9.45 and game starts around 10am.
Thunder Park Airsoft site provides a big car park, Cooked hot food, a airsoft supply shop, a cafe with hot/cold food and drinks, Toilets and Shelter. CCTV.