Hi I just want to tell you about my experience at thunder park airsoft.
From the very start both my son and my self have been treated like family, from random players offering us clothes, to even being offered guns to borrow . The atmosphere is just like being at a family gathering ,without the arguing lol .Nothing is too much trouble and everyone is so friendly.
The site it’s self is amazing, the topography is fantastic for game play . There is so much cover including strategic obstacles, bunkers, buildings, cars, bridges, woods, streams, open field and much much more. An entire village will soon be under construction including the exciting CQB area that will really get your heart rate up.
The game development is always moving forward and trying to create new and ever more exciting game types to play . Game types like simple skirmish games, to the very high end military simulation. Even zombie games are in the pipeline .
As a dad I can’t thank the thunder park team enough, they have gone above and beyond to help both my son and myself .
Gone are wasted Sunday’s, now we are both running around woods laughing making memories ( I’m mostly getting shot! Lol) and getting fit(ish).
It’s always more the merrier so if you fancy a go then either book in or just pop in and have a little look around you won’t regret it