Gun Power

Airsoft Gun Power

Airsoft is a serious sport, and the weapons used can be powerful and cause serious injury. Please treat your weapon as though it was a real weapon!

The fps limits at Thunder Park will be changing to be based on the joules output of the Rif. This will mean all airsoft Rif’s on site will conform to the same standard as used at two other large airsoft sites within Cornwall. Thus allowing you to know your Rif’s can be used at multiple sites in the area, whilst still remaining legal.

Aeg’s (Anything full-auto) up to 1.14 Joules on any weight BB.

DMR (Physically locked to semi-auto) up to 1.88 Joules on any weight BB.

Snipers (Bolt action) up to 2.32 Joules on any weight BB.

Yes we do know this means many of you may need to change your settings. As previously the joules limit was set higher. But this will mean you have a buffer zone between having a “hot” Rif and an illegal Rif.

Make Sure Your Weapon Is Safe!

All Airsoft weapons need to be regularly maintained and their fire power checked using our chronograph before each game. Here is some useful information about Airsoft weapons and their use, including an Airsoft FPS Chart.