Safety Eye Wear is the most important piece of kit your absolutely need to play Airsoft! We cannot emphasise this enough!

There are a few different types of Safety Eye wear, each having their own good and bad points, so the choice is up to the individual, just make sure you wear one of them!

    • Masks some people find these very claustrophobic, and they can make you a bit sweaty especially on very hot days. Because you are exhaling CO2 whilst running around they tend to steam up and make breathing restricted. The obvious  benefit of these masks is that they will prevent your teeth from being shot out or damaged.
    • Glasses are less restrictive but without the full face protection you greatly increase the chance of tooth being shot out or damaged, they do not cover the eyes as well as goggles due to the gaps around the sides and are prone to fogging. These are particularly popular with Airsofters.
    • Goggles offer great protection for the eyes than glasses. Again like glasses they offer no protection to your teeth or lower face area, but offer side protection for your eyes.